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Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde

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Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde

A twisted tale of nerve-jangling horror, this adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic gothic thriller stars Phil Daniels as the extraordinary Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. 

During one of his audacious experiments trying to separate good from evil, the well-respected Dr Jekyll inadvertently unleashes an alternative personality… the fiendish Mr Hyde.

As this sinister figure starts causing terror and havoc in foggy London, Jekyll must race to find a cure for his monstrous alter-ego before it takes over for good.

Phil Daniels’ extensive and varied credits include Jimmy Cooper in Quadrophenia, Richards in Scum and Kevin Wicks in EastEnders. He has worked with the RSC and National Theatre and has appeared on stage in productions as diverse as Les Miserables and This House. Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde is a Rose co-production with Touring Consortium Theatre Company.

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Performance Times

Fri 09 Feb - Sat 17 Feb 2018

Where Do I Go

24 – 26 High Street

Kingston Upon Thames



Rose Theatre, Kingston

Latest customer reviews

  • A Great Portrayal of the beast within

    17 February 2018

    I took my daughter who is studying this for her GCSE. A great synopsis of the story. She hasn't read the book yet and is now looking forward to reading it. She found it very interesting.

    Sal Confirmed ticket purchaser

  • Dr Jekyll

    17 February 2018

    The acting was superb and the story thrilling and clever. We enjoyed it thoroughly and have been very impressed by the Rose Theater! I will certainly come back

    Birgit Confirmed ticket purchaser

  • Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde

    16 February 2018

    The actual performance and set were very good, deservedly a 4* rating. How ever our seats were appalling and we had to move for the second half. The staff were very good at sorting this out. I booked these seats with a warning of "side view restrictions" but I did not expect to not be able to see anything at all! We may as well have been listening to an audio tape. Not worth £23 a seat. I appreciate that restrictive views vary from set to set but this should be checked before sale. The first half was completely ruined and this was our first time at the Rose theatre and quite possibly our last. My son had no idea what was going on as we couldn't see anything at all.

    M Alston Confirmed ticket purchaser

  • An imaginative take on an old favourite

    11 February 2018

    David Edgar’s bold changes to Stevenson’s novella certainly got the audience thinking. Many readers will have made the assumption that Jekyll was homosexual, not least because no women feature in the novella, but the rationale for the introduction of a sister, niece and Annie, the maid, must resonate with any viewer with any grasp of Late Victorian mores and hypocrisy. As a GCSE Text, several students were a little bemused as to what was happening, and why, but most could see by the end that David Edgar’s version had enough in common with the original, and that the changes made were relevant and thought provoking rather than random, for the production to grip the audience, and for thinking students to derive some real advantages from it.

    Sally Lambert Confirmed ticket purchaser