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The Other Palace - Studio

DORIAN the Musical

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DORIAN the Musical

Inspired by Oscar Wilde’s “The Picture of Dorian Gray”

“Who am I, really?”

“What is love?”

Dorian Gray, the secret child of love and death is suddenly thrust into a confusing world. A world where love dare not speak its name, yet everybody is searching for it.  On his search Dorian comes across the many mirrors of his soul. The dangerous and charismatic Lord Henry casts him into a hedonistic lifestyle; Sibyl Vane sees him as the Romantic lead and Lady Henry merely wants to prey on him.

But it is the gentle society painter, Basil Hallward, who shows him as he truly is. On his quest to find his true identity, Dorian must decide if it is better to be loved or to be feared.  When Dorian realises the painting is, in fact, a portrait of his conscience, he is horrified to see the level of corruption depicted on the canvas and decides to try to reverse time.

“I would give anything for that – I would give my soul!”

But is it too late?

Inspired by Oscar Wilde’s classic novel, “The Picture of Dorian Gray”, ‘DORIAN’ is set in a fantasy world, revealing both sides of Dorian Gray’s tragic life: the real one and the portrait. 


The Other Palace 

12 Palace St, Westminster, London SW1E 5JA

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No refunds or exchanges available after purchase.


Music and lyrics by Joe Evans

Written by Linnie Reedman


1 hour and 45 minutes (including a 15 minute interval)

Suitable For Children


Where Do I Go

The Other Palace

12 Palace Street, Westminster

London SW1E 5JA

The Other Palace - Studio

The Other Palace 

12 Palace St, Westminster, London SW1E 5JA